Sheep Farm!

IMG_0398What fun we had visiting a sheep farm last week. Nitro, the ram above, is just one of the sheep we encountered – all bigger than we expected. After all the reading we’ve done about sheep, it was fun to spend time with them, comparing what we’ve read to the real thing. More about that later.



Meet Our New Friend Author Dale Cramer


Dale is an award-winning author who has written numerous books and is loaded with wisdom. What a treat to have lunch with him last week at The Gritz in McDonough, GA – lots of good home-cooking and conversation. We immediately connected with Dale and appreciated his willingness to share his experiences and wisdom with us.

You can visit his web site at

Catalyst Here We Come

Scan 5

We’re excited to be going to Catalyst tomorrow … John Piper, Dave Ramsey, Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio, Judah Smith, Ann Voskamp and so many more.

Looking forward to what these people of God have to say, and praying God’s Spirit will open our eyes, ears and heart.

A wonderful follow-up to our just finished series Drawing near to God through the Psalms of Ascent!

Our New Devotional Series Begins


Draw Near to God

September 1 to September 30

The Psalms of Ascent

Psalm 120-134

Join us here as we share  some of our favorite readings to explore the Psalms of Ascent.

These fifteen Psalms were likely sung in sequence, by Hebrew pilgrims as they went up to Jerusalem to the great worship festivals.  Topographically Jerusalem was the highest city in Palestine, so all who traveled there spent much of their time ascending.  But the ascent was not only literal, it was also a metaphor, the trip to Jerusalem acted out a life lived upward toward God. Eugene Peterson

Over the 30 days of reading we look forward to “ascending” with you.

Let’s draw near to God together.  Click here to sign up.

Betsy and Laurie

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

James 4:8

Love to Talk Writing … and Duck Dynasty

PerkAveMarkSWe had a fun time today in Madison, GA with fellow author Mark Schlabach – who’s also with Howard Books.  Mark is the writing genius behind the Duck Dynasty books. Here we are at Perk Ave coffee shop where the Writing Sisters meet every Thursday. Mark stopped by for a chat. We love to talk writing … and Duck Dynasty.